Summer 2013 – United We Serve

This is how it begins.

She was nine years old. Nine when she dreamt of this (no wonder she’s too sensitive with everything around, being the little boss lady) and little did we all know that today we’d come to as close to achieving this and not only this but also, by the grace of God, will be emerging successful at the end.

The society ‘United We Serve’ was created for the welfare of the children for their better tomorrow. The President of this society or to be very informal here; is my lunatic friend, a crrrrazzy lady who was the one who initiated this program, took us along and dreamt of this when she was just nine. However, to be brutally honest, little did I think that we’d emerge even a bit proud or successful at the end. & today, I merely laugh at those thoughts and think, that we almost did it and we’re pretty close.

Not to brag about this whole thing but I think a person deserves the appreciation for all that they’ve done. Initially, it didn’t seem possible at all. Gradually, when we gathered and were informed about this ‘whole’ thing, we were to begin and give this a try. & so, as short as I made this right now, it wasn’t as easy and was much more complicated than this piece of writing make it seems like so.

She was not alone for she had such a strong family to support and to be her backbone to help her go through all of this. & in this blog post of mine, I’d actually want to appreciate their efforts as well, on the team’s behalf. And of course, she had us.

We started on the 4th of June and still going.

‘United We Serve’ sets out how organizations and individuals should work together to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and young people in accordance with the society. The volunteers were granted the opportunity to work with organizations that are responsible for commissioning or providing services to children and organizations that have a particular responsibility for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people.

A key objective for ‘United We Serve’ is to ensure that children are protected from harm. Other functions of this society are to make an important contribution to safeguarding, housing, sport, culture and leisure activities and youth services for children.

Protecting children from harm and promoting their welfare depends on a shared responsibility and effective joint working between different people. This in turn relies on constructive relationships between individual practitioners and volunteers.

It is important that all volunteers working to safeguard children and young people understand fully their responsibilities and duties as set out in the rules and regulations form.’

Rather than staying at home with our lazy bums, it’s nice to be out here and doing anything a bit productive as this. This is how my summer 2013 started. How was yours?


That’s a picture of us back in the school days indicating us being the ‘batch of 2013’.

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