Day 3 – The Hospital Visit. & the excessive heat.

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Day 3 & I reach late, just like the day before and the day before that. Along with the same friend whom I picked up again. I would not like to comment on this now. Really.

Day started off when I saw the refreshments in the classroom and I sent some good wishes to the volunteer who volunteered for this. Chips and drinks and chocolates! Cheers.


THE refreshments!

This was the day when we traveled in a non-conditioned ride, with temperature 8364860000, 000 degrees recorded outside, around the city (with the refreshments put in the back of the cars). This tour was planned to visit and examine the conditions of the local hospital in town to pass our final decision on where we would be investing our money.


The team on the run! :’)

Without a doubt, this was no easy job. For kids like us who have never actually made an effort to step out of the house right when the Sun is at its peak and visiting a place which is in not-so-good conditions, this was an eye opener, honestly. Won’t brag how we’ve completely changed after this particular tour because that clearly did not happen but needless to say, I for one learned a lesson or two and this won’t be an exaggeration.

Since this society was made for the welfare of the children, our sole target was the children ward of this hospital. Inspection was not as good as we all had hoped. We all divided into different groups and started to work! Students on the roll, everyone!

Scenario was quite happening.  Everyone was sweating and was being pushed around by the people who had been accompanying the patients (the whole family to be precise; dadi jee, nani and nana, phuppa and saas, bacha and bahus and chacha and bhaiyya! & this is the love of the loved ones I’m not going to complain about, it shows the strong bonds of the families around here); this was one thing which really ticked me off. How hard is it to see that there are people in front of you, really? Excuse and you’d be free to go. But I wouldn’t blame them; the rate of illiteracy was too damn high!


Here and there. In the hospital.

However, moving on we went around asking the patients and the nurses about multiple things and to much surprise some of them seemed to be quite happy with the attention they were given! Some had complaints about the lack of equipment provision and lack of proper facilities which led us to the Senior Doctor who was in charge of the children ward.


Sneak peeks of the hospital.

Visiting her was quite another story as well. Midway, light went. She was in an OPD, surrounded by dozens of patients. Her room was dark. Only three of us were allowed to go have a talk with her. I forced my way in, she didn’t really answer all of our queries since she wasn’t expecting this visit at all and all the patients around had kept her busy and hence, she asked us to come on coming Saturday where we would talk in peace and interrupt nothing.

And so, conditions of the hospital led us to our final decision: It was going to be this hospital where we would be investing our funds after all. 

We all reunited out of the ward, out in the open. Got water bottles and well, more water bottles.

Ended having pizza for lunch and ended having myself nothing to eat, that’s what excessive heat does to you or maybe just too much water does.

Day ended and I wished, being an optimistic, I would reach on time tomorrow. I definitely would (my ancestors decided to haunt me in my dreams now).



The happy and drenched in sweat team!

P.S: to this day nobody knows where the refreshments went. Nobody.


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Hello there. Currently a student, finishing my O'levels, a lazy teenage Pakistani. People tend to pronounce my first name wrong which annoys me. Here's how you pronounce it :- Sir-een. I think the world is funny and awesome. I'm addicted to Ice-cream and chips and I can have Chinese at any place, any day of the year. I love people. Almost all sorts. & travelling. Rain drives me crazy (in a good sense). My friend's cat hates me and gives me evil death glares. I’m here to express myself, on a board I think is awesome, and exchange my experiences, and my thoughts on randomness, maybe? I’ll be blogging about all the random stuff and you'll have to bear it.I love talking and surprises, wrapping presents and giving them away. My existence is for a reason. I want to die happy. And till then live happy to achieve the latter. Adios.
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4 Responses to Day 3 – The Hospital Visit. & the excessive heat.

  1. Dilip says:

    What fun and for a nice cause too Sarin.

  2. Tatsat says:

    Commendable! Your work seems intriguing as well as challenging. Keep it up 🙂

    • Sarin says:

      Why thankyou!

      & apologies for a reply this late. Lets just say fate has been keeping me away from the blogging world. I shall be back soon and visit your blogs again! Keep checking in! 🙂

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