Day 1 (when the bros fought) – Bros over Woes!

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Day one and I reach late. Along with my friend who picked me up. We really don’t know why we’re always late. It’s turning more into a habitual thing now. It’s not always our fault.

Anyway, interviews begun. There’s a room full of boys and 6 girls on one corner (i might just exaggerate a bit). Girls being busy in posing for pictures in the iPad owned by our bossy and the very khoobsurat President (we’re nothing without her, okay?) and the boys busy in their chit chat and talking louder than the average human hearing ability (20Hz to 20,000Hz) but I wasn’t really interested what they were going on and on about. Just like that ‘the very professional’ type interviews to choose the volunteers ended which were taking place in the other room . Rejecting no one, the day ended in bliss. Or so we thought.

Surviving on water while bearing the un-bearable heat, the canteen waalay uncle had earned enough for the day, all thanks to us who were starving, almost to death.

We were made to sit in a particular disciplined manner in a classroom followed by the speeches by the nominees for the Vice President. Needless to say, a friend of mine harassed one of them (she always does that) that I think he ended his speech in such a hurry even when he dint want to. However, all sympathies aside, he won with majority’s vote. He’s the best we could ever ask for, really. I dint vote for him, waisey. Or maybe I did 😉

Then everyone was assigned their particular duties ranging from photographers to bloggers to directors to financial heads and bla and bla.

Cutting it down to the only amusing thing of that day! It happened in a blink of an eye, just like the milk boils in a second and spills on your stove (and your mommies give you a chittar).

All we all witnessed was Two bros, one being my friend and the other being my batch mate I just met that day, were on their feet, both of them being grabbed and held back by a strong hold by the other boys/bros so they don’t get to break the not-so-perfect noses of themselves, on the verge of killing each other. Them girls, including me, were completely clueless about what on Earth just happened, astounded with eyes like O_O and faces like :O, all we could do was shout out to our friend: ‘stop itt!! Guys stop! Right now!’, but to no avail.


Left: my bro friend.
To the right: my batchmate.
Together they make the bros who fought.

One bro said something followed by the second one then again the first one – “Tunay kaha tha! Tu samjhta kia hai?  Chal *beep beep*. Aa ab, darta hai?! Tairee jurrat kaiseyy!! *beep beeeeep* 39*%*# fnk$((%UVfjj*^%$#@!(%*“

To be very honest, we were really really enjoying this. But just like it started, it ended way too soon as well. The President of the society, the khoobsurat lady, threatened to terminate them, the boys cooled them down making sure they both sat with a safe distance between them in a no-fight-zone area.

This later led to a hug between the two (that escalated quickly). Awwwwwwww. No. They almost started again but respected the terms and conditions applied. Hence, they stopped and the awkward hug took place anyway. Sigh.

United we serve, united we stand. Bros over woes!

And so, day one ended. & I aimed for a better tomorrow where I would  reach on time (even my ancestors had laughter fits reading this).

From top left (clockwise): the interview being taken by the school teachers. Then the khubsoorat lady. Then the girls posing (i miss) & lastly, the boys/bros.

From top left (clockwise): the interview being taken by the school teachers.
Then the khubsoorat lady.
Then the girls posing (i miss)
& lastly, the boys/bros.


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3 Responses to Day 1 (when the bros fought) – Bros over Woes!

  1. who encrypted these codes [ 39*%*# fnk$((%UVfjj*^%$#@!(%*“ ] ? + 😀

    Nice report / activity / cause .

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