August the 13th – The Day The Earth stands Still.

– So it’s not that far away. No matter how much all the innocent and recently turned all ‘goody – goody‘ย students with God are trying to make every deal with Him, praying for the outcome we all await, not exactly like we’ve expected, hoping for this very day to vanish from the calendars and never show up – it will come, anyway. All the praying that we’ve done wishing for the airplanes to crash, flying from England, which may be the bearer of this fortunate/unfortunate news for us or wishing for the whole British Council to blast or for all the files with the records of our results should get deleted – nothings going to work. That’s how ironic it is.

The result of the Cambridge International Examinations held in May/June is going to be announced in just a matter of time. August the 13th (thankGod it’s not Friday the 13th). The date may change but for now that’s what has been announced on the official page. Blink and boom. Joy and happy tears or depression and whining will be observed, & I am going to be a part of all of this, if I live and so I’ll see my doomsday or it might be a red letter day. Really hoping it’s the latter.
At this point I won’t even blame the DramaQueens for over reacting. I really doubt it’s fake. If it is, then I really wish for their dead straight hair to catch fire and their mascara to dry up. If it isn’t, my sympathies to the poor old spoiled barbies. May they get awesome grades (including all of us) so they do not get grounded and have their mommy dears put a stop to their annual manicures/pedicures and the parties and the slumbers where they pass the night talking and ‘OhmyGosh-ing’.

So well, I’m freaking out. I really am ๐Ÿ™‚ย ย Thinking about the worse that could happen and the brain literally topples over. Let’s not think about it – me and my friends would keep repeating this but obviously, I can’t help but ponder over it and reflect deeply on it. Such thoughtful thoughts they are, I swear…

What if the examiner checking the pile of exams lying on his table, is drunk (really hoping the authorities there do not stop the depressed drunk souls from checking our exams!) Yes, what if he/she had a fistfight at home and now according to this happening moment, he goes along grading every other paper with an A*, thinking ‘Oh let’s just give these poor kids a moment of life. Let there be happiness in this sad sad world…check.’ Another A*, another and another…yet another. Yes please. & so this blessed sad man will be drunk and award us with the best of grades. How amusing.
However on the other side, there is another examiner. Ah, not a very entertaining story this one is going to be, I warn. This examiner had a bad childhood, who faced child abuse and SO didn’t get a chance to attend the elementary school which brings us to a very bad conclusion : this poor guy never got a chance to sing the ‘ABC’ song like we did in our young glory days. Yes, you read that right. He never sang it the way we did. The catchy tone, the swinging of the body while it’s sung – everything. Aay – Bee-See-Dee-Eeeeee-Efff-Jeeee-Aaich-Aye-Jayy-Kayyy-ElemenoPeee – and so on ๐Ÿ™‚ย So one of these days, he’s having a good day. Comes in his office or wherever our exams get checked, sits down, take a sip of his espresso and closes his eyes. There’s some painful flashback which hits him. He opens his eyes again. Thinks it’s never too late for anything and so that is the day he is going to sing it. That very moment. He starts checking the papers in the most surprising way. Singing along and grading every paper. Know how exactly he’s grading them? Yes, while he sings, he grades. A – first exam of that lucky student done, checked. B – second one goes down. C – and the third student gets a C grade. Sadly for the examiner, he only gets to sing till the letter E and then has to skip to the alphabet U (missing the best singing part in between) failing the poor kid who in reality was a young, bright star! Oh, how tragic I must say.. :’) However, he keeps repeating this – singing, checking, scoring – and every exam has been graded. Until his shift of the day is over, he gets up, humming the ABC song, picks his long coat/jacket/nothing, not realizing how terribly he ruined the lives of many or we can say, how he surprisingly brought joy and happy screams to the lives of many, leaves the room, goes home, switches on his television, flipping to BabyTv Chanel and then finally YouTube the ABC song for self satisfaction and then that lunatic finally goes to sleep, all prepared for his shift the next day…. =)

Well, these stories will never end until and unless my mind goes numb and hibernates. Not happening, not until my heart stops beating. Till now, everyone has had their nightmares or not so bad dreams (I had a very good one=p) of the result day. It’s quite funny actually. One day my friend texts me ‘Oh I dreamt about our result. We three got ***’ Ha, and we’re quite glad because sometimes we really do believe in dreams don’t we? ๐Ÿ˜‰ There’s another friend who won’t tell what she dreamt. Guess, it’s better not to ask, I think we got the idea. And then there’s another one who dreamt about her pretty good result ruining mine with few others, not very comforting I must say.

So apparently, this day has messed with everyone’s heads. Everyone’s tensed, stressed and waiting. ‘Time is such aย tease‘ – a fellow great blogger friend of mine stated (and I’m stealing). Indeed. Very true. Time really is a tease. I fear the students who have a weak heart, what if something happens to them? Oh come on! What if it’s something a little too much than they can bear? Oh I do not like the sight of it. I shall pray. We all should.

Hopes high, expectations stooping low. Let us all firmly believe that really the world doesn’t end here and the Kind one will have mercy on us or we’ll just get what we all deserve. No depressing/mourning over it. What others will think of you, how your reputation may get stained, how you didn’t get a chance to ‘in-yo-face’ the teachers you hated or how you just couldn’t live up to the expectations of the many – will only matter for a day or two because in the end it really is about you. What you believe and what you want. Life is a little too long and surprising than just depending and taking it’s toll on these grades, trust me. Yes, like all of you I want the awesome grades just AS bad as you want and have my every family member praying for me forcefully. In the end, it’ll come and go. The Aunty-gossip network will have plenty to talk about in no time. People judging will have new figures to judge. Ones who supported you in the darkest hour will still be there in the end, hopefully. On the brighter side, the grades won’t be that bad InshaAllah, let’s all have some strong faith, shall we? ;D
Let’s live it up and not freak about it, that much ๐Ÿ˜›

Let’s wait and wait. Sit back and relax. Do as I say, breath in.. real slow and breath out… and have a sigh of relief. Do not fret over it too much.

Let us all wait for August the 13th – The day the Earth stands still.


About Sarin

Hello there. Currently a student, finishing my O'levels, a lazy teenage Pakistani. People tend to pronounce my first name wrong which annoys me. Here's how you pronounce it :- Sir-een. I think the world is funny and awesome. I'm addicted to Ice-cream and chips and I can have Chinese at any place, any day of the year. I love people. Almost all sorts. & travelling. Rain drives me crazy (in a good sense). My friend's cat hates me and gives me evil death glares. Iโ€™m here to express myself, on a board I think is awesome, and exchange my experiences, and my thoughts on randomness, maybe? Iโ€™ll be blogging about all the random stuff and you'll have to bear it.I love talking and surprises, wrapping presents and giving them away. My existence is for a reason. I want to die happy. And till then live happy to achieve the latter. Adios.
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11 Responses to August the 13th – The Day The Earth stands Still.

  1. danianawaz says:

    Couldnt have said it better!
    All the best to you Sarin, and to everyone else out there who is hanging by a thread waiting for august 13th, all the while dreading it. May the odds ever be in our favour. Cheers! โค

  2. Haha awh thankyouu Dania! Means alot. Wish you all the best as well! โค
    Cheers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Mondrak says:

    I hope you got the grades you wanted. I know my son did. He was expecting to fail. Even though at his school he doesn’t do all standard exams, the one he did do, was a good result for him.

    Thank you for all the likes and following my blog

  4. Ralph says:

    Possibly, Sarin, the examiner may have a stammer “A…A…A…low mark!”, So are you off to University?? If you are…fantastic. If you’re not……fantastic. There is always something good which will come from either option. Remember that. Hugs. Ralph x

  5. aeraszaidi says:

    Hilarious! ๐Ÿ˜€ And very well written. ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep writing. 8)

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